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Sophisticated Pearly Pendant

Sophisticated Pearly Pendant

We love this sophisticated necklace which looks equally great worn with a smart work outfit or casually with a t-shirt and jeans – there’s no fiddly clasp either as it just pops on over your head, it’s also extremely simple and easy to make…


2 x Strands of Cream Button Pearls 7mm

1 x Large Hammered Sterling Silver Jump Ring

1 x Sterling Silver Cut Out Heart Charm

1 x Sterling Silver Jumplock

1 x 20mm Silver Murano Glass Heart

1 x 2mm Sterling Silver Round Bead

1 x 3 inch Sterling Silver Headpin

2 x Sterling Silver Crimps 2x2mm

2 x Sterling Silver Wire Guardians

19 Strand Beadalon Wire Bright

Additional tools required: Crimping Pliers, Side Cutters, Round Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers


1. Begin by measuring your Beadalon wire, this is a long necklace so you will need approx 80cm.

2. Thread one end of the Beadalon into a wire guardian, fit the wire guardian around the large hammered jump ring and thread on a crimp bead, crimp the Beadalon in place – see photo below:

3. Thread approx 100 pearls onto the Beadalon (adjust the amount of pearls until the necklace is at the desired length). At this stage make sure you have made the necklace long enough to fit over your head as you won’t be adding a clasp!!

4. Take the remaining end of Beadalon and thread on a crimp bead followed by the remaining wire guardian, fit the wire guardian around the hammered jump ring and thread the Beadalon back through the crimp bead and crimp. Cut off any excess wire with your side cutters.

5. Attach the cut out heart charm to the hammered jump ring using the jumplock

6. Thread the 2mm Sterling Silver bead onto the 3 inch head pin followed by the Murano Glass Heart, create a loop at the top of the headpin and thread this loop onto the hammered jump ring, finish the loop by wrapping the end of the headpin around itself to close up the loop.

Voila…pop it on and demand to be taken out somewhere "sophisticated"

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