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Sparkly Double Strand Foxtail Necklace

This lovely double strand necklace is super sparkly and very effective to wear. It’s nice and quick and easy to make so it’s a great for beginners or when you need a last minute gift…

Gather the following supplies:

Silver Plated Foxtail Chain (1 meter will do for one necklace)

4mm Fire-Polish Beads

2 x Silver Plated Crimp Tubes

1g Silver Plated Crimp Beads

Silver Plated Open Jump Rings

Silver Plated Lobster Clasps

Chain Nose Pliers

Zap Gel Glue


  1. Cut two lengths of Foxtail chain (each approx 50cm long)
  2. Take one of the lengths of chain and thread on a crimp bead approx 6cm from the end, squash the crimp bead using your chain nose pliers.
  3. Now thread on 5 fire-polish beads followed by another crimp bead
  4. Take the beads all down to the crimp bead added in step 2 and squash the second crimp bead
  5. Continue adding crimp beads and firepolish beads leaving gaps of around 5cm between each set of beads
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the other strand of Foxtail chain, this time start around 10cm from the end of the chain – this will ensure that the beads are staggered on the finished necklace
  7. Add the jump rings and lobster clasp to the crimp tubes
  8. Glue the ends of your foxtail chain into the crimp tubes using the Zap Gel glue and leave to dry for 24 hours before you wear your necklace.

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