Stack Em Up Bracelets - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Stack Em Up Bracelets

Stack ‘Em Up – Bang on trend for spring!

So quick and easy to make!


Eco Nappa Leather in your choice of colour

Clasp for Eco Nappa Leather

Charms and beads!

Zap Gel Glue

Tools Required: Side Cutters


1. Begin by cutting the Eco Nappa Leather Cord so that it will fit just over twice around your wrist (approx 37cm is ideal for most people)

2. Now thread on your charms/beads – thread them onto the cord and then thread the cord back through the bead again so that it is doubled up.

3. Finally use the Zap Gel Glue to glue the Eco Nappa Leather Cord into the clasp, leave to dry and you’re done!

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