Swarovski Cross Pendant - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Swarovski Cross Pendant

Make this Swarovski Heliotrope Cross Pendant using the following beads


Swarovski Crystal Heliotrope Cross Pendant

15cm length of 0.6mm Silver Plated wire

2 x Sterling Silver Bali "Dot" rondelle spacer beads

1 x Swarovski Crystal Bicone bead in Vitrail

40cm length of Black Suedette Cord

2 x 3mm Sterling Silver Cord Ends

2 x 5mm Sterling Silver Split Rings

Sterling Silver Heart Toggle clasp


1. Add the Swarovski Pendant to the 0.6mm wire and use your fingers to gently bend the wire upwards, then take one end of the wire and wrap it around the other and snip of the excess. Your pendant will now be attached to the wire and you will have one long length of wire sticking up from the top of the pendant.

2. Thread the Bali beads and the Swarovski Bicone bead onto the wire and then use your round nosed pliers to create a wire wrapped loop at the top. Tip: be careful to make the loop wide enough for your suedette cord to go through.

3. Add the pendant onto the suedette cord and attach a Sterling Silver cord end to each end and crimp the centre of the cord ends using your chain nosed pliers.

4. Use the split rings to attach the Sterling Silver Heart Toggle to the cord ends. Tip: you will find it much easier to use split rings if you open them using Split Ring pliers (they’re worth the investment as they save your nails and don’t ruin the split rings!).

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