Swarovski Crystal Holly Sprig Earrings - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Swarovski Crystal Holly Sprig Earrings

Make yourself these festive yet sophisticated Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Gather the following supplies (scroll down to add them to your basket)

2 x Silver Plated Earwires

Fine Silver Plated Chain

20 x Silver Plated Ball Pins

6 x 3mm Swarovski Xilion Beads – Light Siam

6 x 6mm Swarovski Xilion Beads – Emerald

8 x 8mm Swarovski Xilion Beads – Emerald


1. Cut two 3cm lengths of chain

2. Thread a bicone onto each of the ball pins and use your round nose pliers to turn a loop on each pin.

3. Attach the ball pins to the end of the length of chain – 4 x 8mm, 3 x 6mm and 3 x 3mm on each piece of chain starting with the larger xilion beads on the bottom of the chain first.

4. Attach the top of the chain to an earwire and repeat for the other earring

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