Tamiko Bracelet Tutorial - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Tamiko Bracelet Tutorial

This pretty bracelet is made using the Tamiko Pendant pattern by Puca.

We have adapted it slightly to add in some 6mm bugle beads which we feel cover the holes on the Telos beads very neatly.

You’ll need the following supplies:

4 x Telos Par Puca (Matte Metallic Blue)

4 x Samos Beads (Blue Green Ceramic)

4 x 3mm Preciosa Pearls (Lapis)

4 x 4mm Swarovski Bicones (Metallic Blue)

11/0 and 15/0 Miyuki Seed Beads (Galvanized Silver)

6mm Miyuki Bugle Beads (Silver lined light blue)

Slider Extension Chain

DuraThread and size 10 beading needle


1. Cut around 60cm of DuraThread and add on your needle.

2.  Pick up 1 11/0, 1 Telos, 1 11/0, 1 Telos, 1 11/0, 1 Telos, 1 11/0 and 1 Telos:

3. Now bring the beads together and knot your tail of thread to the working thread:

4. Now stitch through the Telos and Samos beads – exit the samos bead:

5. Now add an 11/0 inbetween each of the Samos beads:

6. Exiting from an 11/0 pick up a 3mm pearl and sew through the 11/0 inbetween the Telos beads, sew back down through the 3mm pearl and the 11/0 you exited from in the previous step.

7. Continue around the piece adding in the 3mm beads on each corner:

8. Exit through one of the 11/0 on the outside of your piece and pick up 3 15/0, 1 Crystal and 3 15/0. Stitch back through the 11/0:

9. Stitch through the first 3 15/0 added in the previous step and pick up 4 15/0 – stitch through the empty hole in the nearest Telos bead and pick up 4 15/0. Stitch back through the crystal and repeat on the other side of the crystal;

10. Repeat this around the other 3 corners.

11.0 Now exit through a set of 4 15/0 and pick up 1 11/0, 1 Bugle, 1 11/0. Stitch through the next 4 15/0

12. Repeat around the other  3 Telos beads and then flip the piece over and repeat on the other side:

13. Exit from a crystal and pick u p 8 15/0 – sew back through the crystal one more time. Work around to  the opposite crystal and repeat. You have now created two loops of 15/0 to attach your slider extension chain to:

14. Finish by attaching the slider chain using chain nose pliers to open and close the jump rings

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