Tassel Sweetie Bracelet

Quick and easy and full of colour – personalise with your own choice of charms or semi-precious beads. All the beads and supplies you’ll need are at the bottom of this page and can be added to your basket.


Pastel Agate Rounds – we found that we could easily make 4 bracelets from just two strands

Suedette Tassel

2 x 7mm Silver Plated Open Jump Rings

1 x Silver Plated Charm Holder

Silver Plated Charm (choose from a selection here)

0.7mm or 1mm Stretch Magic

GS Hypo Cement

Tools: Beading Scissors, Chain Nose Pliers


1. Begin by trimming the suedette tassel to the desired length, we trimmed ours to approx 2cm (20mm).

2. Now take a length of Stretch Magic elastic beading cord (approx 25-30cm is ideal). Add a piece of sellotape to one end of the elastic and thread on a charm holder followed by approx 22 beads (this will make an average sized bracelet).

3. Finish the bracelet by tying a double knot in the elastic, add a dab of GS Hypo Cement glue to the knot and leave to dry for 15 mins.

4. Once the glue is dry trim the ends of the elastic and slip the knot inside the charm holder.

5. Finally add the tassel and silver plated charm using the 7mm jump rings and your chain nose pliers.

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