Three Strand Braided Bracelet - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Three Strand Braided Bracelet


  • 2 meters of 1mm leather cord
  • 50cm of Brazilian waxed cord
  • Button
  • Macrame Board and t-pin


1. Cut the leather in to 3 lengths (one 75cm length and two 62cm lengths)

2. Fold the longer length in half and pin it to the top of the macrame board and position the two shorter leather cords under the first one leaving a gap of around 2cm or just large enough to fit your button through. Then start braiding by bringing a over b:

3. Continue braiding and bring c over a, then keep braiding by bringing the left section over the centre section

4. Keep following the process of braiding the leather (make sure not to twist your leather over itself). Bring the right section over the centre section, then the left section over the centre section as shown. Keep your braids nice and even and not too tight.

5. Keep braiding until your work is the desired length (around 16cm for a women’s size or 18 cm for men’s size).

6. To finish the piece and wrap the end with Brazilian cord take all the strands of leather together and make a 4-6cm loop at the end of the braiding with the Brazilian cord. Wrap b around the leather cord ends working AWAY from the braiding and towards the loop of Brazilian cord shown in the image below:

7. Now insert b into the loop and pull a tight – this will pull the loop under the wraps that you have just made:

8. Now snip off the excess Brazilian cord

9. To attach the button trim off four of the leather ends leaving the two cords that are closest to the right side of your piece long. Slip on the button and tie a knot just after the button as shown:

10. Finally trim off the excess leather cord (trimming the leather at an angle looks more professional than a straight edge)

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