Triple Strand Ombre Bracelet - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Triple Strand Ombre Bracelet

Sophisticated ombre pearls make a perfect statement in this triple strand bracelet…

Gather the following supplies:

6mm Preciosa Glass Pearls in 3 toning colours (30 of each colour)

0.7mm Stretch Magic Elastic Bead Cord

Antique Silver Triple Strand Spacer Bars

Zap Gel Glue


  1. Cut three 30cm lengths of elastic cord and thread the beads as shown (the beads below will make an 8 inch bracelet):
  2. You may find it easier to use a bead reamer to clear the ends of the pearls as you thread them.
  3. Once your bracelet is the desired length simply knot your elastic, secure the knots with a dab of Zap Gel Glue and leave to dry for 24 hours before you wear your bracelet.

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