Very Berry Earrings

Very Berry Earrings

These sophisticated earrings are really effective but are very quick and easy to make! Try making them in different colour combinations….


2 x Sterling Silver Earwires Round with Ball

2 x 2 inch Sterling Silver Headpins

16 x 1 inch Sterling Silver Headpins

4cm Sterling Silver Trace Chain

2 x 8mm Mauve Swarovski Crystal Pearl beads (sold on a strand of 50 beads)

4 x 4mm Amethyst AB Swarovski Bicones

4 x 4mm Light Amethyst Swarovski Bicones

4 x 4mm Purple Velvet Swarovski Bicones

4 x 4mm Dark Indigo Swarovski Bicones

Additional Tools Required: Round Nose Pliers, Cutters, Snipe/Chain Nose Pliers


1. Begin by cutting the 4cm length of chain in half.

2. Take the 2 inch headpins and thread one 8mm Mauve Swarovski Pearl bead onto each headpin.

3. Take all the Swarovski Bicones and thread them onto the 1 inch headpins.

4. Take your round nose pliers and make wire wrapped loops on each of the 1 inch headpins (not the 2 inch headpins), snip off any excess wire with your side cutters. Click here to view a video showing you how to make wire wrapped loops.

5. Thread two of each colour of the Bicone beads which you’ve just put onto the 1 inch headpins onto each of the 2 inch headpins that have the Mauve pearl already threaded on.

6. Now use your round nose pliers to make a wire wrapped loop at the top of the 2 inch headpins which have the mauve pearl and all the bicone beads on them. Before you close this loop off thread it onto one of the 2cm lengths of trace chain.

7. Attach the chain and beads to the ear wires by threading the chain onto the back of the earwires (you may need to open up the loop on the earwire to do this).

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