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Wire Work Cuff

Simple Wire Work Cuff

This project actually looks a lot more difficult to make than it actually is, this took Juliet about an hour to complete from start to finish and was quite simple once you get the hang of handling the wire


1.5mm Silver Plated Wire

0.4mm Silver Plated Wire

S Clasp

Beads (we’ve used some tiny little faceted garnets and some 4mm freswater pearls)

Additional Toold Required: Round Nose Pliers, Marker Pen, Side Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers, Ball Pien Hammer (optional), Mini Horn Anvil (optional)


1. Begin by cutting off approx 80cm of 1.5mm silver plated wire (this is quite a bit but it’s best to start off with more than you actually need rather than risk running out!).

2. Using your round nose pliers make a loop at one end of the wire (you will attach your S Clasp to this later on).

3. Begin twisting the wire into the shape of the cuff – use your round nose pliers and also the fat marker pen to bend the wire around to get the different sized curves in the cuff.

4. Once your cuff is the desired size make another loop at the other end of the wire and snip off any excess wire.

5. THIS STAGE IS OPTIONAL – if you would like a hammered effect to your cuff then place it over the mini horn anvil and using the round tip of the Ball Pien Hammer tap away at it to create an hammered effect. This will also have the effect of hardening the wire and make your cuff a bit stiffer.

6. Take 1.5 meters of the 0.4mm wire and begin by wrapping one end around the loop at the end of the cuff – wrap it around about 20 times to make a nice fat bunch of wire which will cover up the rough end of the loop.

7. Begin wrapping the 0.4mm wire around the cuff and attaching beads every so often and lashing different loops of the cuff together as show in the picture above.

8. Work your way around the cuff until you get to the other end, finish by lashing a fat bunch of wire around the other loop, snip off any remaining wire and use your chain nose pliers to tuck the end of the wire away out of sight.

9. Attach your S Clasp to the two loops and gently bend the cuff into shape.

wear with pride!!

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