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99% Positive
(3781 reviews)

(++) Service rating : All staff very friendly and knowledgeable.
Product : Brilliant wire. Very reasonably priced.
1 Minute(s) ago

(++) All staff very helpful.
7 Minute(s) ago

(++) Service rating : Very good
Product : Very easy to download
1 Hour(s) ago

(++) Service rating : Great website with lots of lovely products at reasonable prices. Good online service with order arriving quickly.
Product : I'm in the middle of making this, the instructions are good and so far the bracelet is proving easy to make.
22 Hour(s) ago

(++) Service rating : VERY fast delivery, and nice personal e-mails. I like the touch of a little bag of free beads - fun, and there might be something in there that I hadn't thought of using before. Feels like a company of friends, for friends - doesn't make any difference to the product bought, but it feels nice, and might make me head for them first.
Product : Very cheap and I shouldn't expect any better quality for the money. But I shall not be using them because I think to do so would devalue my work! It would be nice to see some classier (and necessarily more expensive) versions available. This does not reflect badly on the company - they are offering a product at a price, that I shouldn't have bought.
22 Hour(s) ago


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