Environmental & Ethical Policy

We take environmental & ethical issues very seriously, our motto is “Good Beads, Doing Good”


We are constantly looking for greener ways to package our beads. Sadly we haven’t yet found an alternative to the small zip lock plastic bags that we pack your beads in. However our Internet Orders are packaged in Jiffy Bubble Mailers made from paper sourced from sustainable forests. In our Haddenham bead store we do not give out plastic bags (only pink and white stripey paper bags that can easily be recycled). We have a large recycling bin outside our shop into which we put all our paper and cardboard. If you order from our website you’ll also see that we often send out your internet orders in reused cardboard boxes.

We do not sell any natural coral beads as this contributes to the destruction of the worlds beautiful coral reefs.


Running our business in an ethical and fair way is fundamentally core to our beliefs, our motto is “Good Beads, Doing Good”. To support this aim we donate a percentage of our profits every year to charity.

In 2015 we donated £600 to Mission Direct who build schools and homes in developing countries & in 2014 we donated £500 to the Potters Village child crisis center in Uganda and £600 to Mission Direct which builds schools and homes in developing countries.

In 2013 we donated £1000 to Oxfam’s campaign to help all girls in Pakistan attend school, in 2011 we donated £1500 to War on Want who fight for the rights of workers in developing countries, in 2010 we donated £1000 to UNICEF’s Child Protection fund and in 2009 we donated over £700 to charity, including £500 to War on Want and various other small amounts to local charities including local Pre-Schools and Cancer Charity Fund Raisers.

Additionally we no longer sell Lapis Lazuli as this is now classified as a conflict stone – it is predominantly mined in Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan, so the proceeds from the sale of Lapis Lazuli may be used to fund terrorism.

So while you’re enjoying your hobby you can be confident that we are doing what we can to source the products you’re using as ethically as we can.

Best wishes & happy beading

Juliet, Becky, Vivien, Mandy, Lynne, Emma, Andree, Jaide & Ellie