Spread Your Payments with ClearPay

We offer our customers the ability to check out using ‘buy now pay later’ service, ClearPay.
With ClearPay, you can check out any basket and spread the cost over 4 payments, and get your items sent to you straight away as you usually would.

ClearPay is a payment provider that allows you to check out a basket and spread the cost over a fixed period of time with credit – you will see the option to create an account with them at the checkout. As always, your details are  safe and secure and fully encrypted. Payments are taken every 2 weeks after your initial checkout and each payment is ¼ of your original basket total.

For example, if you checked out a basket total of £100 on December 1st, your payment plan would look like this; December 1st – £25 upfront, December 14th – £25, December 28th – £25 and a final payment of £25 on January 11th.

When you checkout with ClearPay, and create your account with them, you’ll be able to log in to their website at any time and see your scheduled payments, total amount owing and you can also make payments early if that is something you’d like to do (for example, some people prefer to make their payments manually if they get paid before a certain date of a scheduled payment).

ClearPay doesn’t conduct a credit check on you. The only reason you may be declined to use the service is if you already have outstanding payments with ClearPay, whether that be via us or another ClearPay provider.

There are no fees involved with ClearPay, and as long as you stick to your agreed payment dates, you won’t be charged for using the service. If you miss a payment, you’ll be notified by email and given a grace period of 24 hours to ensure there are adequate funds on your payment card. If you miss a payment, after this period you will be charged £6. Your charges can never exceed £36, something that goes in line with what we believe to be fair on you as a consumer. You are never charged interest and will never accrue fees of more than £36 on top of your owed balance if you miss your payments repeatedly.

Returns and all other queries are handled as usual via ourselves. If you return an item to us, we will process this return onto your ClearPay account and the amount owed will be adjusted accordingly. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds directly onto your payment card if you have used ClearPay. This will simply be deducted from your total owed to ClearPay, or refunded by ClearPay if the value of goods returned is greater than the initial payment made.

If you have any further queries about ClearPay, feel free to get in touch with us at customerservice@spoiltrottenbeads.co.uk or head over to the ClearPay website for more details.

ClearPay is Unregulated Credit. Use Responsibly. Ts and Cs and Late Fees apply at clearpay.co.uk/terms

Happy shopping!