A little note about our business


Spoilt Rotten Beads is run by a group of fellow beaders who work hard to bring you the best quality beading products. We really enjoy spreading the love of beading and educating jewellery makers across the world.

Absolutely everyone who works at Spoilt Rotten Beads is a beader first and foremost – we run Spoilt Rotten Beads because we love beads and being part of the beading community makes us happy.

This means that every time you shop with Spoilt Rotten Beads you’re supporting the beading community. We are not a faceless internet retailer with a large warehouse and a staff of people who don’t know about or care about the products we are selling and packing – we’re beaders just like you!

As we pack your orders our staff are paying attention to which products they are sending out and sometimes they may call you or send you an email to discuss your order.  Maybe we can see that there are two products on your order which we know won’t work together and we want to check that you’ve ordered the correct item. Or maybe we’ll call you because we’re packing your order and have found that the colour you have requested is out of stock – in this case the team member packing your order will make time to look in the warehouse and find a suitable alternative to offer you.

The same team members who pack your orders also answer your telephone queries – sometimes these calls are quite long as we may need to spend time with a customer explaining how a product works, or finding just the right bead shape or colour in the warehouse to work with a particular pattern or project.

Of course all of this takes both time and skill, which is why we may take a little longer to despatch your order than other internet retailers (we’re definitely not Amazon!). In order for us to offer this level of service we set our selves a goal of despatching 1st & 2nd class orders within 48 hours of receipt (excluding weekends and bank holidays), however we do offer a next day Special Delivery service for orders placed by 2pm.

So the downside is that your order may not be despatched the same day it is received, but the upside is that by shopping with Spoilt Rotten Beads you’re ensuring that we continue to have an active beading community and you’re supporting us in our goal to provide help and advice to fellow beaders. You’re also ensuring that next time you need beady help or advice we’ll be here for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this message & happy beading from all of us to all of you!

Juliet, Becky, Vivien, Jaide, Mandy, Lynne, Andree, Lauren, Amanda, Emma, Mia

P.S You can read all about our Environmental and Ethical Policy by clicking right here