3mm Miyuki Cube Beads

3mm Miyuki Cube Beads are produced in Japan by Miyuki – the worlds premier manufacturer of high quality seed beads, also known as Roccailles. These cube beads are perfect for switching up beading projects you have on the go.

Use these 3mm Miyuki Cube Beads are a substitute for other 3mm beads and see how they can differ the pattern.

Bead size = 3mm x 3mm x 3mm

Hole size – 1.3mm

We currently stock over 20 different coloured Cube Beads, ranging from matte silver lined gold, to silver lined crystal, from matte teal ab to black. We have nearly every colour under the rainbow.

Watch this video to bead a stunning Chunky Beaded Sprial Rope use a mixture of seed beads and cube beads:

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Showing all 23 results