Miyuki Triangle 10/0

Miyuki Triangle 10/0 Beads produced in Japan by Miyuki – the worlds premier manufacturer of high quality seed beads, also known as Roccailles. These seed beads are perfect for beading projects, bead weaving and embroidery to create some stunning jewellery pieces.

Just a little bit larger that Miyuki Seed Beads 11/0, these Miyuki Triangle 10/0 can be used as a substitute to 11/0’s.

We currently stock Miyuki Triangle 10/0 seed beads in over 20 colours. From crystal to gold, and beautiful different ‘colour lined’ ways, check out what we have in stock.

Due to their cut they pick the light and can add a great sparkle to your beading projects. Try bead weaving with them. We have many jewellery project and basic stitch tutorials available to download which include the Miyuki Seed beads. You can find our full range of tutorials here https://www.spoiltrottenbeads.co.uk/product-category/jewellery-making-tools-supplies-books-magazines-patterns-patterns-instant-download/

Bead size 2.5mm

Hole size 0.9mm

Priced per tube of approx 22g (approx 1300 beads)

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Showing all 20 results