Pip Beads 5x7mm

Preciosa pip beads measure 5x7mm.  They are perfect for making kumihimo pieces, flowers and clusters and creating a “scale” effect.   The hole size on a pip bead is about 0.6mm.

Use them on their own or combine them with seed beads and other small beads such as superduo beads to create some stunning designs.

Making a Kumihimo Pip Bead Bracelet

To make a kumihimo bracelet the pattern below calls for 30 beads per strand on an 8 braid weave, however in our experience this creates quite a large bracelet (approx 22cm or 8 3/4 inches including a kumihimo toggle) so if you have smaller wrists you may want to reduce the quantity of beads down to 25 per strand.

We sell our Preciosa Pip beads in bags of 60 beads.

Watch our Braided Pip Bead Video Tutorial here





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