O Beads

Sabine Lippert, a Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year and creator of the Rizo bead, has introduced another bead shape to the market. We welcome O Beads.

The colours of the O-Beads are truly stunning. You can find O-beads in opaque, luster, metallic, iris, and even those yummy “magic” colours of the Czech spike and gumdrop beads. Due to the size of O-Beads they work perfectly with seeds bead and SuperDuo beads. O Beads can be used for embellishment, for bead weaving projects and and bead embroidery.

They mesure 3.8x1mm with the centre hole size being approximately 1.3mm in diameter. We sell O Beads in a tube of 8.1g which contains around 260 beads in tube. However, this will slightly vary depending on the colouring of the beads.

Click here for a download using O Beads to create a beautiful Round about Flower necklace.

Click here for a free download using O Beads to create a stunning beaded bracelet.

Want to be able to make an embellished peyote cuff? Click here for the instructions on how to!

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Showing all 17 results