Arcos Par Puca

Three hole Czech crescent beads by Les Perles Par Puca. Arcos Par Puca were designed by the french jewellery designer Puca who was not able to find the beads that she wanted for her beadwork designs. Arcos Par Puca have three holes and can be incorporated into many modern and also traditional beadwork designs and patterns. Arcos Par Puca beads work perfectly alongside two holed beads such as Kheops par Puca, SuperDuo beads, MiniDuo beads and also Minos Par Puca.

You’ll find free beadwork patterns for the Arcos Par Puca beads below – to download a free pattern simply add it to your shopping cart and follow through the checkout and you’ll receive an email with a link to your free beadwork pattern.

Beads measure 5x10mm and perfectly compliment the Minos Par Puca beads. They are sold per pack of 10g (approx 43 beads).

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Showing all 96 results