We are delighted to be the first UK store to stock the brand new bead thread – DURAThreadβ„’.

Great value 100 metre spools, half the price of other braided threads

New smaller 50 meter spools also available

DURAThreadβ„’ boasts; Near Zero Stretch, Super Abrasion Resistance – great for working with sharp edged beads such as Delicas and Crystals, QuadCore 4 Strand Braid Technology – soft, strong and flexible, 0.08mm Diameter (fits size 10 and 12 beading needles), 2.7kg (6lb) Break Strength.

Easy to knot, yet tangle resistant

Not pre-waxed (can be used straight from the spool or waxed as required)

– Vicky Roberts, Editor of Bead & Jewellery Magazine

A guide to using DuraThread in your beadwork

DuraThread is a hybrid thread, it’s not fused like Fireline but is much stronger than Nymo or s-lon.Β  This results in a much softer thread that gives a beautiful soft and fluid drape to your finished jewellery.

DuraThread is particularly good for fringe work and pieces where where you need a softer finish.

As DuraThread is not fused it’s important to cut your DuraThread with very sharp beading scissors, this will create a neat ending and make for easy threading – cutting with damaged or blunt scissors will result in frayed ends.

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Showing all 7 results