Mono Filament

Create an “illusion” or “floating” necklace:

Take a length of Mono Filament and thread a bead onto it and then thread the cord back through the bead so that the cord loops over the bead – pull it tight and as the illusion cord is so thin you won’t see it on the side of the bead. Once you’ve threaded all of your beads in this way take the necklace and steam it over a hot kettle (watch out for your fingers in the hot steam). This will ever so slightly melt the illusion cord onto the bead and fix your beads in place. Use a crimp bead to fasten your Illusion Cord strands to your clasp.

Design Tip – Illusion Cord necklaces look great when you string 3 or 4 strands together.

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    Mono Filament 0.3mm 50 meter roll

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  • pretty-bird-scissors-for-use-with-s-lon-wildfire-monofilament-etc

    Pretty Bird Scissors for use with S-Lon, Fireline, Monofilament etc

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