At Spoilt Rotten Beads we don’t sell any coral beads because we believe that the planets beautiful coral reefs should be left for the enjoyment of the fish!

Contrary to what some bead shops will tell you it is not possible to source coral beads from sustainable sources – coral reefs take hundreds of years to grow and the only way to remove the coral from the reef is to destroy it and therefore to destroy the marine habitat for the thousands of species who call it home.


Slow recovery. The skeletal framework of reefs, which is removed through mining or removal of reef rock, is built up over hundreds to thousands of years and will take as long to grow back.

• Loss of fish habitat. Removal of coral and “live rock” from reefs removes critical habitat for fish and other animals.

Economic losses. Coral mining creates a significant long-term loss to society, including a loss in fisheries value, coastal protection, and tourism.

Reef destruction and sedimentation. Mining blasts and removes the reef, destroying it and causing other indirect impacts, such as sand erosion, land retreat, and sedimentation. These can all greatly affect coastal towns, villages and the tourism industry because the coral protects coastlines and builds beaches.

You’ll find lots of environmentally friendly coral alternatives underneath this message.

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Showing all 13 results