SuperDuo Beads

Matubo are the manufacture of our SuperDuo beads, a company devoted to making high quality glass beads from the Czech Republic. Superduo beads are oval shape beads, slightly pinched at each end, with two holes perfect for making multiple row necklaces and bracelets. Due to the precise cut during manufacturing, SuperDuo beads are known for their consistency of size and shape. Use these beads to make some stunning jewellery designs. SuperDuo diagram

We currently stock over 120 different coloured SuperDuo beads, including some gorgeous mixes and the new Nebula range which have a matte coating. We also have a large range of colours such as Chalk White, Jet, Crystal Gold Rainbow, Blue Luster, Chalk Lilac Luster and many more!!! They are all sold in a tube of approx 24g which is approx 300 beads.

Superduo beads measure 2.5x5mm

Click here to watch Becky demonstrating how to make this stunning cuff butterfly bracelet 

SuperDuo Herringbone bracelet kit – available in Victorian Elegance, Day Glow Nights and Raku

SuperDuo Herringbone Wrap bracelet kit – available in Chalk Blue, Turquoise Picasso and Pastel Bordeaux

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Showing all 148 results