Tulip Beading Needles – Number 10 – Long – 4 Pack


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Tulip Beading Needles Number 10 Long

  • Pack of 4 needles supplied in a glass tube with cork stopper
  • 0.46mm x 51mm (please note that Tulip beading needles are slightly thicker than English beading needles of the same size)
  • Tulip beading needles are a superior quality of needle that is extremely strong yet also very flexible.
  • Tulip beading needles bend easily without breaking or warping, they return to shape even after repeated use.
  • Tulip needles have very well finished gold plated eyes which makes them easier to thread than a regular beading needle and also less likely to fray your thread.
  • Tulip beading needles have a very slightly rounded tip which is great for preventing splitting your thread (or stabbing your fingers!).
  • Made in Japan

If you’re serious about your beading then we think you’ll LOVE the Tulip needles – you can feel the difference in quality as soon as you open them.

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