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A Posy of Snowdrops

Vivien had lots of fun playing with the new laser kite beads and made this very fresh snowdrop design that’s just perfect for spring.

This design was inspired by a free pattern by Beadsmith Inspiration Squad member Susan Sassoon of So Sassy by Susan Sassoon (you can add Susan’s original pattern to your shopping cart right here).

Vivien has substituted the mini Silky beads used by Susan with SuperDuos and 3mm Fire Polish to create a leaf effect.

It’s great for beginners as it’s nice and easy and you can make each “snowdrop” separately before joining them together at the end.



80 Kite Beads (approx 18 grams)

40 for petals (Chalk or Chalk Luster) (P),  40 for leaves (Jet Laser Leaf kite beads) (L)

40 Super Duo Beads (Pastel Peridot)

20 3mm Fire Polish Beads (Light Peridot)

16 4mm Fire Polish Beads (Peridot)

11/0 seed beads (Silver Lined Crystal)

Four Strand Magnetic Clasp

You will also need

Thread of your choice, we have used 6lb Fireline

Size 10 Beading needle


1. Thread your needle with about a meter of thread and pick up 4 Petal kites (P) through the hole in the fatter end of the kite bead, go through these beads again and form a loop tying an overhand knot. Go through the next kite bead and pull the knot into the bead.  Step up through the top hole of the bead you have just exited.

2. Pick up 1 leaf (L) bead 1 P and 1 L and go through the top hole of the next petal.

3. Continue adding 1 L, 1 P and 1 L between each of the 4 petals and then step up through the top hole of the last kite bead added.

4. Pick up 3 11/0 seed beads and go through the top hole of the next kite bead, pick up another 3 11/0 seed beads and go though the next kit bead.

5. I have turned my work over so that I am still going around anti clockwise. Pick up 2 super duos and go through the next kite bead. This happens each time you read the tip of one of the original kite beads.

6. Repeat all the way around your posy and continue through the 11/0 until you reach the next pair of super duos. Step up through the top hole of the first super duo.

7. Add a 3mm fire polish between the 2 super duos, go back down into the next kite bead and work your way around the 11/0s to the next 2 super duos. Repeat adding a 3 mm fire polish between each pair of super duos.

This forms one unit.  You can finish off your thread by going back through your work adding a couple of half hitches or leave it on to use to connect the units together.

You need to make 4 more units just the same as this.  LEAVE the length of thread on at least two of the units to use to join the units together and attach the clasp.

8. Join the units together adding 1 11/0 seed bead 1 4mm fire polish bead and 1 11/0 seed bead between each unit and then work your way through the beads to the next one. You may want to go all around the bracelet again to reinforce the joining of the units.

9. Work your thread to exit through the second SuperDuo on a corner on the end of the bracelet and add 2 11/0 seed beads, 1 4mm fire polish and 1 more 11/0 seed bead. Go through the first loop on the clasp and then back through the first 11/0 seed bead and the 4mm fire polish bead.

10. Add 2 more 11/0 seed beads and go through the three 11/0 seed beads between the two kite beads.

11. Add 2 11/0 seed beads 1 4mm fire polish and 1 11/0 seed bead going through the next loop on the clasp and then back through these four beads and through the kite bead. Repeat this through the next loop on the clasp.

12. Go through the next three seed beads, the kite bead and the two super duos on the corner. Go through the top hole of the second super duo, through the fire polish and the second super duo.  Like the first loop add 2 11/0 seed beads, 1 4mm fire polish and 1 11/0, through the last loop of the clasp, back through the first 11/0 and fire polish add 2 11/0 and then go through the three seed beads to the next kite.  Go back through all the beads attaching the clasp a second time to reinforce the clasp.

13. Repeat at the other end of the bracelet to attach the other part of the clasp. You may want to do the clasp up before your start to ensure that you have it the correct way around. This makes a bracelet 7.5 inches long, you could adjust the length by altering the number of beads between the units or at each end attaching the clasp.

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