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Aubergine Lariat

Aubergine Lariat

A lariat is a necklace without a clasp, it can be worn in many different ways – looped through as shown below, or wrapped around and tied in a knot like a choker, or wear it long and loose over polo necks and t shirts….make an extra long one and you can even wear it as a belt….


1.5 meters of 1mm Chocolate Brown Leather Cord

1 x Vintage Rose Silver Foil Large Oval Focal Bead

1 x Aubergine Aluminium Large Heart Bead

11 x Sterling Silver 5mm Closed Jump Rings

2 x 3 Inch Sterling Silver Headpins

20 x 2 Inch Sterling Silver Headpins

24 x 3mm Sterling Silver Round Beads

10 x Aubergine Silver Foil Glass Cube Beads

10 x 7mm Cream Rice Pearls

Additional Tools Required: Round Nose Pliers, Snipe/Chain Nose Pliers, Side Cutters


1. Begin by tying a knot in one end of the leather cord, next thread on a jump ring and knot it onto the leather cord approx 1cm above the first knot; continue knotting the jump rings onto the cord leaving a gap of approx 9cm between each jump ring. Once you have knotted on the last jump ring tie a knot 1cm after it and snip off any excess leather with your Side Cutters.

2. Thread the beads onto the headpins in the pattern shown (use the two larger headpins for the two larger focal beads). Use a 3mm sterling silver round bead before each glass bead and each focal bead – this will prevent the headpins from slipping through the beads. If you’re new to jewellery making or need to polish your skills click here to view a free video demonstration of wire wrapped loops.

3. Once you have threaded up your headpins take your Round Nose Pliers and attach the headpins to the jump rings by making wire wrapped loops. Snip off any excess wire with your Side Cutters and flatten down any sharp edges using your Chain Nose Pliers.


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