Autumn Sparkle Bracelet Tutorial

Autumn Sparkle Bracelet Tutorial


3 x Shamballa Beads

1 meter of 1mm Leather in your choice of colour (do make sure you add the 1mm leather to your cart as the 1.5mm leather is too thick for this project)

4mm Magnetic Clasp in silver plate or antique brass

Tools Required: Fevi Kwik or Zap Gel Glue, Side Cutters


1. Cut 5 lengths of 1mm leather cord, each approx 19.5cm long (you may need to adjust this according to the size of your wrist, but this length will give a finished bracelet of 7 inches or approx 18cm which is average size).

2. Thread your three shamballa beads onto three strands of the leather.

3. Now seperate the two halves of the clasp and glue the ends of the leather into each side. Give the glue 5-10 mins to dry and you’re done!

*Don’t try to glue the leather into the clasp with the two sides of the clasp together or your glue may seep through to the other side and stick your clasp together!

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