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Beaded End Cap Tutorial

By popular demand Becky has put together this helpful tutorial showing you how to make neat beaded end caps to give your beadwork a professional finish.

This technique is great for finishing off bracelets and necklaces made with PWAT (Peyote with a Twist), Herringbone, Cellini or tubular peyote stitch.

This tutorial is designed for intermediate beaders who already know basic stitches such as peyote.

To make a beaded end cap you’ll simply need size 11/0 seed beads in your choice of colour. We’ve chosen a contrasting colour in this tutorial as it will make it easier for you to understand the tutorial.

  1. With your needle exiting from your last row of beadwork pick up 6 11/0 beads:
  2. Lay the beads against your finished beadwork and stitch up through the 6th bead down from the one you exited in step 1:
  3. Pick up 1 11/0 and stitch up through the 5th bead added: 
  4. Now peyote a strip of beadwork that is wide enough to fit around your beaded rope: 
  5. Now “zip” both sides of your peyote together: 
  6. Join your the beaded end cap to your beadwork like so:
  7. Now repeat this for the other end of your bead cap: 
  8. Now you’re ready to close off the end of the cap. Add a picot edge of 3 11/0 beads all the way around the top of the cap: 
  9. Now zip up this picot edge with a two rows of peyote: 
  10. Now make a loop of seed beads (you may want to attach your clasp to the loop at the same time)  

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