Brick Stitch Swarovski Earrings

Brick Stitch Swarovski Earrings


1 x 4mm Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal Xilion/Bicone Bead

6 x 4mm Vintage Rose Swarovski Crystal Xilion/Bicone Bead

4 x 6mm Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal Xilion/Bicone Bead

2 x Sterling Silver 2x2mm Crimp Beads

26 x Delica or Seed Beads in a toning colour

2 x Sterling Silver Earwires

2 x 5mm Closed Jump Rings

Beadalon 19 Strand Wire in Bright


1. Begin by cutting two 15cm lengths of Beadalon wire

2. Next take three of the 6mm Fuchsia bicones and four of the delicas or seed beads and thread them onto the Beadalon in the pattern shown below

3. Next take another 6mm Fuchsia bicone and thread it onto the Beadalon but pass both ends of the wire through the bead as shown above and pull it all tight so that it forms the shape at the bottom of the earrings

4. Next thread a delica/seed bead onto each end of the Beadalon followed by a vintage rose crystal on each strand and another delica/seed bead. Finish in the same way as step 3 but using a vintage rose crystal – see below

5. Finish by passing both ends of Beadalon through a 4mm Fuchsia crystal and a 2x2mm crimp bead -add on a jump ring and pass the ends of the wire back through the crimp  (this will be very tight as you will now have four strands of Beadalon running through the crimp bead). Crimp, trim any excess wire and attach to an ear wire.

6. Repeat steps 1 -5 for the other earring.

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