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Easy Crystal Cuff

Chanel this season’s trend for sparkle with this Swarovski Crystal Cuff

For a cuff measuring 17cm you’ll need:

196 4mm Swarovski Crystal Xillion beads (we’ve used Light Amethyst AB2X)

DuraThread Beading Thread

2 Strand Clasp

Size 10 Beading Needle


  1. Thread your needle with the longest length of DuraThread that you’re happy working with.
  2. Add a stop bead to your thread and leave a tail that you can weave back into your work later on.
  3. Pick up 4 crystals and sew back through the first two crystals that you picked up. This is your fist unit of right angle weave:
  4. Pick up 3 crystals and sew back through the crystal you exited in step 3 and the first two you picked up in this step. This is your second unit of right angle weave.
  5. Repeat step 4 until your bracelet is appox 1cm shorter than you’d like the finished bracelet to be
  6. On your last unit of right angle weave stitch through the last three beads added:
  7. Now pick up 3 more beads and back through the last bead added in step 6:
  8. Now stitch down through the first bead added in step 7 and pick up 2 more beads. Stitch through the bead on the unit above:
  9. Now stitch through the beads as shown:
  10. Now pick up 2 more beads:
  11. Continue adding more units of right angle weave until you reach the end of your bracelet:
  12. Now stitch through your work until you reach the tail of thread. Remove the stopper bead and knot the tail of thread and the working thread together several times. Weave the ends back into your work and knot several times around the thread in between your beads. Trim off the ends of thread.
  13. Now attach some more thread to your work as shown:
  14. Attach the clasp by stitching through the beads and clasp loop as shown:
  15. Finish your thread by knotting several times around the thread in between several beads, pull your knots inside the next bead and trim.
  16. Repeat steps 13 – 15 for the other end of the bracelet.



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