Ellipse Design Pendants - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Ellipse Design Pendants

Becky designed these fashionable Ellipse Design Pendants using just seed beads and wire. They’re easy to make and are a good project for beginners as they don’t need too much equipment or tools.

You’ll need the following:

11/0 Seed Beads in your choice of colours

6mm Bugle Beads

40mm Ring

0.4mm Wire

5mm Open Jump Rings




  1. Cut a 30cm length of wire and wrap it several times around the edge of the large ring to secure it in place. Trim off the tail of wire using your side cutters.
  2. Now thread on some seed beads and/or bugle beads and take the wire across to the other side of the ring. Pull the wire tight and wrap it several times around the other side of the ring.
  3. Repeat step 2 until your pendant is looking good!
  4. Finish by attaching a chain with chain using the 5mm jump rings. Add charms using the jump rings too

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