Ezili's River Bracelet - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Ezili’s River Bracelet

You will need:
Fish Charm (optional)
Lobster Clasp
4mm Clamshell/Calotte
Labradorite Rondelles
Silver Grey Nugget Pearls
11/0 Miyuki Seeds Metallic Dk Blue Iris
4mm Preciosa Fire Polish Vitrail
Crimp bead
Needle & beading thread

1. Begin your beadwork by threading through a single seed bead straight from your thread spool. The thread this pattern until you have the length you require less 2cms for the clasp; a 4mm firepolish, a pearl and a labradorite bead.

2. When you reach the end of your bracelet length, thread through the hole of a clamshell/culotte and a crimp bead. Pull through another 60cms of thread before crushing the crimp bead and threading back down through the clamshell.

3. Begin your ‘meanders’ by adding 7 sead beads around each pearl and labradorite bead, passing through the firepolish bead and exiting on the other side of the bracelet.

4. Continue all the way back up your bracelet until you reach the first seed bead. Thread on a closed jumpring and loop multiple times to secure in place.Begin to work back through your piece in exactly the same way, adding an additional layer of 7 seed beads.

5. When you have beaded the entire bracelet, go back through some of your beadwork before trimming your thread to avoid unravelling. Add on a jumpring and lobster clasp to the end with the clamshell. Add another jumpring and charm to the other side of the bracelet to complete.

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