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Flower Pendant

Make this stunning flower pendant (featured in Make Jewellery Magazine) designed by the talented Jo Barclay Loggie who also teaches workshops at Spoilt Rotten Beads – Click here for workshop information & booking


Coiling gizmo

10m of 0.9mm gunmetal coloured copper wire

15m of 0.5mm gunmetal coloured copper wire (you’ll only use afraction of this!)

Strand of peridot chips

35 x 0.4mm/0.5mm faceted amethyst rounds

1 Shamballa bead

3m of suede (we have used 1m of 3 different colours & we alsocut them in half to give 6 threads)

2 x Gun Metal Ribbon Clamps

2 x 5mm Gun Metal Open Jump Rings

Gun Metal Toggle Clasp

Tools Required: Flat nose pliers, Side Cutters


1.  Attach your 10m roll of 0.9mm wire onto the large gizmo mandrel andcoil 5 x 7cms length coils, trimming off all sharp edges

2.Cut approximately 1m from your 0.9mm roll and use this as yourcore wire.

Thread your first coil onto the core wire leaving a 10cms tail one end.

Using your fingers, gently shape the coil into a petal.

Twist the core wire twice at the base of the petal to secure theshape.

3.Thread second coil onto the longer piece of the core wire andrepeat the process…..shaping the coil and then twisting the core wire tosecure it.

Repeat for petals 3, 4 & 5…

4.Take the left over short core wire and weave it in and out of thebase of the petals – this will strengthen the shape of your flower.

Using flat nose pliers tuck the sharp end away.

The longer length can be woven in and out of all beaded petals oncethey are formed and attached to the base coil petal shapes…adding strength tothe shape.

5.Cut approximately 1.5m of 0.5mm wire (or as long a length that youcan comfortably work with) This is now your new core wire.

Thread on a 5cm length of peridot chips and as before, leave a 10cmstail before using your fingers to bend the chips into a petal shape beforesecuring it with two twists back on the core wire at the base of the petal.

Thread on a second 5cm length of peridot chips and repeat theprocess until you have 5 beaded peridot petals…..

6.Take the short tail of the core wire and weave it in and out atthe base of the peridot petals to secure it. Tuck sharp edges away using yourflat nose pliers.

Pull the long core wire through to the front of your flower.

7.Thread on 7 x 4mm amethyst round gemstones.

Using your fingers, bend the beaded core wire to form the firstpetal of what will be the 3rd tier.

Twist twice at the base of your new petal to secure it.

Thread on another 7, 4mm gemstones and repeat the process until youhave 5 amethyst beaded petals…

8.Gently pull the petals into place until you are happy with theirposition.

If not there already pull the core wire through to the front andmiddle of your flower.

9.Thread your shamballa bead onto the core and thread the core wireback though the centre of your flower to the back.

Use the long core wire to weave your beaded flower onto the coilbase. Keep weaving in and out until you have used up all your wire and yourpendant will be strong enough to hold it’s shape beautifully.


1.Attach 0.9mm wire onto the smaller mandrel of the gizmo and make a6cm coil.

Cut it in half so you have 2 x 3cms coils.

Thread one 3cms coil halfway onto a 50cms piece of 0.9mm core wire.

Using your fingers, bend the coil into a loop over your suedethreads and twists once to secure.

2.Thread the second 3cms coil onto the core wire and thread thisthrough the loop of your top petal before gently bending it into the 2nd loop of the bale with your fingers.

Ensure that that 2 loops of the bale are as close together aspossible, before twisting the core wire to secure that second loop.

3.  Wrap remaining core wire round and round the centre of the bale – it can be quite chunky.

Remember to tuck any sharp edges away with your flat nose pliers.

Add on your cord end caps to finish off the piece.

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