Glamorous Python Necklace - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Glamorous Python Necklace

Make this glam Python Necklace using our leather snake skin effect beads and sparkly crystals…


1 Pack Leather Snake Skin Effect Beads in Bronze 

25 x 10mm Champagne Stardust Beads

6 x 8mm Crystal Rondelles in Smoky Quartz

47 x 4mm Champagne Gold Beads

30 x Champagne Gold Crimp Beads

Champagne Gold Wave Toggle Clasp

7mm Beadalon Wire in Champagne

Tools: Side Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers


1. Begin by cutting two 80cm lengths of Beadalon wire.

2. With this necklace you actuall start from the “tassels2 at the end of the necklace. You are going to begin with the tassel that is closest to you in the picture – the one on the right of the picture. Therefore begin by taking one of the strands of Beadlon and thread on a 4mm champagne gold bead and take it to the centre of the wire so that you have a bead in the middle with two equal lengths of wire coming out of either hole.

3. Next bring both ends of the wire together and keeping both strands together thread on a small snake skin effect bead and push it down against the 4mm spacer bead so that one strand of the wire comes around the outside of the spacer bead (you can just see this in the picture), Now keep the two strands together and continue adding beads – another 4mm bead and then a stardust bead a 4mm spacer and a crystal, then one more 4mm spacer and then the largest snake skin bead.

4. Once you’ve added the larger snake skin bead you’ll need to continue adding beads in the pattern shown in the picture – after the last stardust bead you’ll need to thread on 10 champagne gold crimp beads and then one side of the clasp – take the wire back through one of the crimp bead and squash it flat with your chain nose pliers. Now trim off any excess wire using your side cutters.

5. For the other side of the necklace repeat steps 2-4 but this time follow the pattern for the tassel to the left of the picture (notice that it does not have a crystal bead and is therefore a little shorter than the first one). When you make this side of the neckace do not add the two 4mm spacer beads either side of the largest snake skin bead – instead go through 4mm spacer beads that are already there and up through the large snake skin bead – this brings the two sides of the necklace together in the centre.

Happy Beading!

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