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Golden Spiral Necklace

Golden Spiral Necklace

Juliet designed this lovely sparkly necklace during her first attempt at playing with the Wire Coiling Gizmo which is really easy to use…check out the matching earrings here


0.6mm Gold Plated Wire

12 x 4mm Silver & Gold Crystal Beads 437

60 x 5mm Gold Plated Stardust Beads

58 x 4mm Gold Plated Round Beads

2 x Gold Plated 2mm Crimp Beads

1 x Gold Plated Toggle Clasp

7 Strand Beadalon Wire in Gold Colour

Tools Required: Wire Coiling Gizmo, Snipe Nose Pliers, Side Cutters


1. Take a 80cm length of 0.6mm Gold Plated Wire and following the instructions on the Wire Coiling Gizmo make a coil approx 12cm long. Snip the coil off the shank of the gizmo and remove all but the first 3 coils, then take the wire coil and wrap it around the outside of the gizmo to create a long spiral bead (there are very easy instructions included with the Wire Coiling Gizmo which show you how to do this. Reshape the wire bead by hand until you are happy with the shape – you’ll need to make sure that the coils aren’t too close together so that you’ll be able to see the crystals inside it later on.

2. Take the Beadalon wire and crimp the clasp onto the end of the wire using the crimp beads and your Snipe Nose Pliers, snip off any excess wire with your side cutters.

3. Thread on half of the gold plated beads in the pattern shown.

4. Next thread on the end of the wire coiled bead followed by the crystals and the other end of the wire coiled beads – the crystals should now fit inside the wire coiled bead.

5. Thread on the other half of the gold plated beads in the pattern shown.

6. Finally crimp the other side of the clasp to the wire and snip off anye excess wire using your side cutters.

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