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How to Make a Sliding Clasp – Square Knots

Making a sliding clasp using square knots is a great way to finish friendship bracelets.

Becky had lots of fun making this bracelet using pastel waxed cotton cord and our lovely seed bead hanks – she attached the cords to the jump rings on the tassels and threaded the beads onto one strand of cotton before knotting all the strands together and finishing with a square knot clasp like the one described below.

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Here’s how to get started:

1. Once you’ve threaded on all your beads and are happy with your finished bracelet take both sides of your bracelet (you can use as many strands of cord as you like in these bracelets and lay them down next to one another. Now take another length of waxed cotton cord (approx 30cm long will do) and knot it around both strands:

2. Now you’re ready to begin tying your square knots.

Take the left cord and lay it over the bracelet cords:

Take the right cord and pass it underneath the bracelet cords and up through the loop you created with the left cord:

Pull tight and now take the cord which is on the right and loop it over the bracelet cords:

Pass the left hand cord underneath the bracelet cords and up through the loop created with the left hand cord, pull tight. You have now completed your first square knot!

3. Continue tying square knots until your sliding clasp is the right size. Trim off your tails of thread and seal with a dab of GS Hypo Cement Glue

Try experimenting with using several strands of waxed cotton at a time to tie your square knots – you’ll get a bulkier knot and a more colourful finish…




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