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Make a Paracord Bracelet!

Make a Paracord Bracelet!


2 Different colours of Paracord

1 Paracord Buckle

Tools Required:

Cigarette Lighter



1. Begin by deciding what size to make your Paracord bracelet – we recommend 19.5cm for a teenage boy or 21cm for a grown man. Cut 1.5meters of both colours of paracord. This may seem large to you but as you make the bracelet you will be adding width to the cord which will make it tighter on the wrist.

2. Now take the cigarette lighter and splice the two colours of cord together by melting them in the lighter and pushing them together whilst they are still hot:

3. Next take one side of the buckle (it doesn’t matter which one) and push the cord through it to create a larks head knot – see below:

4. Now use a tape measure so that you get the finished length of the bracelet correct – 19.5cm for a teenager or 21cm for a grown man. Layout the other side of the clasp at the correct point (remember to include the clasp in your measurements but do not include the teeth of the clasp). Also remember that the clasp is curved so that it is comfortable on the wrist – make the bracelet with the curve of the clasp facing downwards. Pass the two ends of Paracord through the clasp as shown below:

5. Next tie a knot in the lefthand cord, this knot will help  you to remember which cord is which as you are making the bracelet!

6. Now you’re ready to begin tying your knots. To begin with take the cord on the right (purple) and make a loop as shown below:

7. Now take the left hand (black and white) cord and pass it over the top of the purple cord as in the picture below:

8. Next take the black and white cord and pass it underneath and back up through the loop you made with the purple cord:

9. Now pull the knot tight and use the tape measure to check that the paracord bracelet is still the correct length.

10. Now continue tying knots always making the loop with the purple cord (the cord without the knot on the end!). You will end up with the black and white cord on the outside of the paracord bracelet and the purple running through the centre:

11. When you get to the end make sure you have pushed all the knots up tight and make the final knot, then trim the ends to about 1/8th of an inch and sear them with the cigarette lighter (being careful not to burn yourself lick your fingers and while the cord is still not push it flat so that it cannot work it’s way back through and undo itself)

You’re done!

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