Marsala Wine Necklace - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Marsala Wine Necklace

Marsala Wine Necklace


Approx 132 4mm Firepolish beads in a mix of 3-4 colours

20mm Connector Ring

Superlon Bead Cord in your choice of colour

2 x Czech Pressed Glass Beads


7mm Jump Ring

2 x Headpins

Tools Required: Knotting Tweezers, Little Bird Scissors, Round Nose Pliers, Side Cutters, GS Hypo Cement


1. Cut a 1 meter length of Supleron Bead Cord and knot it onto the patterned ring with a larks head knot.

2. Now thread on a 4mm firepolish bead and tie a knot in the thread, slip the tweezers into the knot and grip the thread that exits the bead (make sure that the bead is pushed down hard against the ring). Tighten the knot and let it slip down the tweezers, then gently slip the tweezers out of the knot and use them to push the knot tight against the bead.

3. Continue adding beads onto each thread (don’t worry about the colours – just mix them up in a random fashion). You’ll need to add around 66 beads to each strand of thread to make a necklace that measures approx 78cm and hangs to mid chest.

4. Once you’ve added all the beads finish the thread off by knotting the two ends of thread together with a double knot and then add some GS Hypo Cement to this knot and leave to dry before snipping off the excess thread.


5. Finally add the beads and charm to the patterned ring using the jump ring and the headpins (to add the beads you’ll need to make a wire wrapped loop on the headpins using your round nose pliers).

Enjoy your necklace!







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