Mermaid Necklace - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Mermaid Necklace

Mermaid Necklace

By Spoilt Rotten Beads Designer Jo Barclay Loggie


Sea Glass Beads – choose from 4 colourways, Green, Pinks, Dusk & Pumpkin (you will need two packs to make this long necklace)

4 x Silver Plated Crimp Beads

5 x 7mm Silver Plated Jump Rings

3mm Silver Plated Round Beads

Silver Plated Large Hammered Ring

0.4mm Non Tarnish Silver Plated Copper Wire

Beadalon 19 Strand Wire

Tools Required: Side Cutters, Round Nose Pliers Crimping Pliers


1. Begin by taking one meter of 0.4mm silver plated non tarnish wire, wrap this around the large hammered ring a few times so that it is secure.

2. Now continue wrapping the wire around the hammered ring adding a sea glass bead every 7-8 wraps so that the hammered ring is covered in sea glass beads and wire.

3. Put the hammered ring aside and cut two lengths of Beadalon wire each around 1 meter in length.

4. Crimp one end of each piece of wire to a space in between the sea glass beads on the hammered ring.

5. Now thread the sea glass beads onto the Beadalon wire until you have approx 73cm of beads on each piece of Beadalon.

6. Now crimp the other ends of the Beadalon into another gap on the hammered ring.

7. Finish by using your chain nose pliers to create small spirals on the ends of 5 different 15cm lengths of silver plated non tarnish wire.

Thread sea glass beads and 3mm silver beads onto these lengths of wire and then create wire wrapped loops on the ends of the wire.

8. Finally use the 7mm Open jump rings to attach the tassels to the hammered ring.

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