Mothers Day Keyring/Bag Charm - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Mothers Day Keyring/Bag Charm

Mothers Day Keyring/Bag Charm

Lynne made this charming little pressy (pardon the pun!)


1 x Rhodium Plated Swivel Key Ring

1 x 7mm Silver Plated Split Ring

Memory Wire

4 x 6mm Crystal Beads in your choice of colour (We’ve used 6mm Swarovski Purple Velvet but any of the 6mm Rounds or Bicone shapes will work)

Splurge or Save?

Splurge – Use Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads

Save – Use Acrylic Alphabet Beads

Tools Required: Memory Wire Shears, Round Nose Pliers


1. Begin by cutting a length of Memory wire approx 1.5 turns long, with your hands bend the memory wire into a kind of tear drop shape

2. Thread the beads onto the wire and use your Round Nose Pliers to create loops on either end of the memory wire and trim off any excess using your Memory Wire Shears (never cut Memory Wire with regular cutters as the strong steel will ruin your cutters)

3. Add the memory wire charm to the split ring and add to the key ring – your done!

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