Multi Charm Key Ring or Bag Charm - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Multi Charm Key Ring or Bag Charm

Looking for a fun holiday activity – look no further! These multi charm key rings and bag charms are fun and inexpensive to make too!

Gather the following supplies:

5mm Silver Plated Split Rings

6 x Silver Plated Charms

Silver Plated Fold Over Cord Ends

Silver Plated Large Hole Spacer Bead

1 Meter Microfibre Suede Cord

1 Trigger Key Ring


  1. Cut three 22cm lengths of suedette cord
  2. Thread all three pieces of suedette cord through the loop on the trigger key ring, now take both ends of the cords and bring them together and pass them through the large hole bead – push the large hole bead up against the loop on the trigger key ring.
  3. Now add a fold over cord end onto each of the ends of suedette.
  4. Use a split ring to attach a charm to the fold over cord end

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