Rose Blush Stackers - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Rose Blush Stackers

You will need (add to basket below)

Rose Gold Snowflake Beads
6mm Frosted Druzy Beads (Caramel)
4mm Rose Gold Hematite
Rose Gold Stardust Beads (6mm)
Rose Gold Toggle Clasp
Rose Gold Jumprings
Rose Gold Ball End Headpins
Rose Gold Charm Holders (x4)
Rose Gold Butterfly Charm
Glue to finish

1. Cut a piece of beading elastic approx 30cm long and double knot one end into one part of your toggle clasp. Dab a dot of glue to secure and allow to dry. Trim excess off the second strand of elastic.

2. Begin to thread on beads in a pattern of your choosing, we’ve used a pattern including 3 snowflake beads. At even spaces, attach a charm holder if you so desire. You can then attach a bead via a ball end headpin and jumpring to create a feature dangle.

3. Simply tie off your elastic to the other end of the cord and pull taught (check you’ve reached the correct length before double knotting to avoid snapping your bracelet) and trim/glue as we did to begin.

That’s it! Enjoy creating your simple-to-make but showstopping stackers.

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