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Slider Bracelet

This fashionable slider bracelet is so quick and easy to make, all your need is some wire, crimp beads, a slider clasp and whatever beads you choose to make your bracelet with….

Gather the following supplies (scroll down to add the items to your shopping cart):

Slider Clasp

3-4mm Beads (we’ve used 18k gold plated cubes in our bracelet)

Beadalon Wire

Crimp beads

Chain Nose Pliers & Side Cutters

  • Cut a length of wire approx 20cm long and crimp one end of the wire to the ring on your slider clasp with your chain nose pliers. If you need some help with crimping then watch the video tutorial below which shows you how it’s done.

  • Trim off the tail of wire and thread on your beads – you’ll need to thread around 10cm worth of beads – they don’t need to go all the way around your wrist as the slider clasps are nice and long.


  • When you’re happy with the length of your bracelet simply crimp the wire to the remaining loop on the slider clasp, trim off the tail of wire and you’re good to go!

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