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Soutache Daisy Brooch and Pendant Tutorial

This tutorial makes Soutache easy!

Use your daisy as a brooch or a pendant – it’s interchangable!


Soutache braid in three colours

6mm Glass Pearls

Brooch back

7mm Jump Ring

Foldover cord ends with extension chain

Superlon thread size D

Ultra Suede

Size 10 Beading Needles

Fabric Glue

GS Hypo Cement


1. Begin by cutting two 1 meter lengths of Soutache – these will form your spiral. Now add a dab of GS Hypo Cement to the ends of each piece of soutache and leave to dry – the Hypo Cement will stop the braids from fraying.

2. Once your braids are dry simply hold them together and spiral around until your spiral is approx 50mm across in diameter. Use a spare pin or needle to hold the spiral together. You will still have a lot of soutache braid left over (You’ll use this later to add on the beads).

3. Now take a pencil and the Ultra Suede and draw around the spiral. Now trim the piece of soutache closest to the centre of the spiral until it is approx 2cm long (in this case the paler colour in the picture)

4. Now cut the ultra suede just insde the line so that it is approx 1mm smaller than the spiral, cover the ultra suede with fabric glue and glue onto the back of the spiral – tuck the shorter end of the soutache braid under the ultra suede as you stick it on (see last picture).

5. Leave to dry for at least 30 mins. Now assemble the 6mm glass pearls, darkest soutache braid, superlon thread and size 10 needle:

6. Thread your needle with approx 1 meter of superlon thread and stitch into the soutache as shown – do a few stitches on top of one another through the braid and onto the ultra suede to secure the thread. When stitching soutache always pass the needle through the groove in the centre of the soutache braid.

7. With the thread coming out of the ultra suede as shown take a 6mm bead and thread it onto the superlon:

10. Now create a loop with the soutache around the 6mm bead, take the soutache around the outside of the bead and use a spare needle or pin to hold the soutache loop around the bead. Then sew through the bead and soutache from the bottom to the top of the loop.

11. Now take the needle and thread and go back down through the centre of the bead and out through the ultra suede backing:

12. Next sew thourhg the soutache at the bottom of the loop where you have added the pin. Then go back through again towards the ultra suede and remove the pin.

13. Continue adding beads in the same way until you have completely encircled the spiral with beads:

14. Once you have added your final bead bring the tail of the soutache around the back an stitch it onto the ultra suede and trim the braid:

15. You will now have something looking like this:

That’s the hardest part over so I suggest that at this point you congratulate yourself and go and make a cup of tea or have a glass of wine!

16. Now take a 50cm length of darker colour soutache and a matching colour of superlon thread. Pin the soutache in place between the first and last 6mm beads and thread your needle. Stitch the soutache to the ultra suede as shown:

17. Wrapping the new soutache braid around the first 6mm bead pass your needle up through the first bead and soutache and through the new soutache as shown:

18. Continue stitching the new layer of soutache over the first one as shown. Finish by stitching the soutache to the back of the ultra suede a few times and then trimming.

19. Now cut a new circle of ultra suede just large enough to cover the back of the pendant. Measure the length of the brooch back and cut two slits in the ultra suede and slide the brooch back in:

20. Take your needle and thread and stitcht the brooch back in place. Stitch a 7mm jump ring to the top of the ultra suede circle.

21. Finally add a good layer of fabric glue to the back of the ultra suede and glue onto the back of the daisy. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing. If you will be wearing the daisy as a pendant cut three lengths of soutache braid and thread them through the jump ring, add the fold over cord ends to the ends of the soutache and wear with pride!

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