Sparkly Party Necklace Project - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Sparkly Party Necklace Project

This super sparkly necklace is very easy to make and as it’s on elastic there are no pesky clasps to fiddle with!


0.7mm Stretch Magic Bead Cord

10 x 6mm Silver Plated Stardust Beads

1 x 8mm Silver Plated Star Dust Bead

24 x 4mm Silver Plated Round Beads

12 x 8mm Crystal AB Crystals

24 x 6mm Crystal AB Crystals

44 x 4mm Crystal AB Crystals

10 x 8mm Silver Crystals

22 x 6mm Silver Crystals

42 x 4mm Silver Crystals

2 x Silver Plated Tube Crimp Beads

Tools: Chain Nose Pliers, Side Cutters


1. Cut a 1 meter length of stretch magic bead cord.

2. Onto one end thread a crimp bead followed by a 4mm Crystal AB bead.

3. Now take the long end of stretch magic and thread it back through the crimp bead – squash the crimp bead using your chain nose pliers. Snip off the remaining short end of stretch magic cord where it comes out of the crimp bead.

4. Now thread on the beads in the pattern shown – to begin with you’ll alternate the two colours of 4mm crystals until you have threaded on a total of 20 crystals (including the first crystal), then thread on the 8mm star dust bead and continue threading in the pattern shown.

5. At  the end you’ll pass the stretch magic back through the 8mm star dust bead and then add on 20 more crystals (after the 19th crystal add on a crimp bead and then the final crystal).

6. Finish the piece by threading the stretch magic back through the final crimp bead, squash and trim off any excess elastic.

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