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Spiced Pumpkin Bracelet

Spiced Pumpkin Bracelet

By Spoilt Rotten Beads Designer Jo Barclay Loggie



Sea Glass Beads – choose from pumpkin, dusk, greens or pinks

0.6mm Waxed Cotton Cord

4mm Antique Copper Beads

Antique Copper Bali Style Rondelles

5mm Antique Copper Jump Rings

2 x Antique Copper Corrugated Balls

Hypo Cement

Tools Required: Side Cutters


1. Cut 5 lengths of waxed cotton cord, each approx 50cm long. Hold all five threads together and use a piece of sellotape to hold all the threads together at one end – this will stop you getting tangled and stop the beads from falling off as you make the bracelet.

2.  On the other ends thread the sea glass beads, 4mm copper beads and bali style beads onto the strands of waxed cotton, every once in a while pass two or three strands through a jump ring – this will cause the threads to bundle together as in the picture. Keep the beads in the centre of the threads, you should be aiming for around 12-13cm of beads.

3. Once you are happy with your bundles of threads and beads add some jump rings to either end of the cords to hold all the threads together.

4. Now add some sellotape to the other ends of the waxed cotton and thread all 5 strands through a corrugated bead – do this either side of the bundle of beads.

5. Make sure all the beads are  sitting towards the centre of the threads and take both ends of thread and cross them over – you are going to make a square knot to create the clasp for the bracelet as in steps 11 – 14 of our Shamballa Bracelet Instructions.

To do this you’ll need to cut another 30cm length of waxed cotton and then click this link to follow the instructions to make a square knot.

6. Once you have made your clasp for your bracelet you can adjust the lengths of the cords and knotting 4mm beads and bali style rondelles onto the ends of the cord to finish the bracelet.

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