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Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Decoration

Gather the following supplies – scroll down to add the items to your basket

30mm Swarovski Snowflake Pendant

39 x 3mm Swarovski Xilion Beads – Crystal AB

7 x 6mm Swarovski Round Beads – Crystal AB

6 x 6mm Swarovski Xilion Beads – Emerald

13 x 3mm Swarovski Xilion Beads – Light Siam Shimmer

Memory Wire


Size 10 Beading Needle

Memory Wire Cutters


Using cutters, take your memory wire and cut two loops from it.
Use round nosed pliers to form a small loop on the exposed end.

Thread on your crystal beads in a pattern of your choosing.
Loop the other exposed end using pliers.

Using your favourite beading thread, stitch on 4 3mm Crystals, Swarovski pendant and 4 3mm Swarovski Crystals

Stitch a loop and pull to secure.

Thread back up through the added and add crystals as shown (above).

Stitch through both loops created with the memory wire, and pull to secure.

Knot into place and sew back down through your beadwork to finish.
Snip any stray threads.

Attach a piece of ribbon to hang your decoration and you are done!



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