Sweet 16 Prom Tiara - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Sweet 16 Prom Tiara

Sweet 16 Prom Tiara designed by Lynne


1 x Silver Plated Double Band
0.6mm Silver Plated Non Tarnish Wire

6mm Glass Pearls in Mink
6mm Crystals in Pale Rose

Tools Required: Side Cutters


1. Begin by cutting a 2 meter length of wire, attach this wire to the tiara band by lashing it into place – ensure that you completely cover the end of your wire in your wrapping as this will prevent the sharp end from scratching when the tiara is worn.

2. Now make 5 or 6 wraps around the tiara band (keep these wraps tight but space them out approx 6mm apart).

3. You are now ready to start adding beads to the wire – to begin with take a crystal and thread it onto the wire, weave the wire in and out around both pieces of the tiara band so that the bead stays in place.

4. Repeat step 3 for the other beads following the pattern shown and angling the beads onto the tiara band so that a diagonal pattern is created.

5. Once all your beads are on the band repeat step 2 and finally repeat step 1 – tuck in the end of your wire and snip off any excess.

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