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Tila Bead Wrap Bracelets

Tila beads sit so neatly on these wrap bracelets, try mixing the colours or adding in 8/0 beads and spacers to break up the effect and add interest to your bracelets

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1 Meter 1mm Leather cord in your choice of colour

S-Lon D thread (you’ll find this here)

Tila Beads (you’ll need approx 64 for one bracelet that wraps twice around your wrist – you get loads in a tube so you’ll have beads left over for another project!)


8/0 Miyuki Seed Beads – Optional (you’ll find them here)

Spacer Beads

Tools Required: Size 10 Beading Needle, Macrame Board, Macrame Pin, GS Hypo Cement


1. Thread the button onto the centre of your leather cord and tie a knot in the cord up close to the back of the button:

2. Use the Macrame Pin to secure the button to the top of the Macrame Board:

3. Take a 1.5 meter length of S-Lon thread and add on your needle. Now knot the end of the S-Lon thread around the base of the knot you made in step 1, tie a double knot and secure this knot with a dab of GS Hypo Cement glue. Once the glue is dry you can snip off the end of your thread:

4. Take your thread around the back of the right hand piece of leather cord and thread on a Tila bead, now take the thread across to the left hand piece of leather cord and take it underneath and then back through the hole in the bead that you just exited.

5. Take the thread over the top of the right hand piece of leather and through the empty hole in the Tila bead, then under the leather cord and back through the hole you just exited:

6. Continue adding beads until your bracelet is approx 1 inch shorter than you want it to be (approx 14 inches is average for two wraps of the wrist):

7. Knot the S-Lon thread around itself as it exits the last bead added and secure with a dab of GS Hypo Cement:

8. Now knot the two ends of leather together right up close to the last bead and leaving two gaps into which you can fasten your button into tie two more knots in the leather cord and snip off any excess – this will make the length of your bracelet adjustable.

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